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The Long Way To Vegas...
Review: Sydney Etihad Business/First Lounge
Review: Etihad Apartments Sydney to Abu Dhabi
Review: Abu Dahbi Etihad Flagship First Class Lounge
Review: Etihad Apartments Abu Dhabi to New York
Review: JetBlue Mint New York to San Francisco
Travel: San Francisco to Yosemite
Review: Half Dome Village Yosemite National Park
Travel: Exploring Yosemite National Park & Lone Pine
Travel: Braving The Summer Heat in Death Valley
Review: Encore Las Vegas
Review: Emirates Business / First Lounge LAX
Review: Virgin 777 'The Business' LAX-SYD

We had 4 nights in Las Vegas and as I had posted about previously, I booked Encore which is part of the Wynn Hotel. I got a reasonable deal and could book it through Virgin Holiday’s so scored quite a few bonus points as well.

We arrived at the Encore late afternoon and the check-in line was manic, but they did have about 15 people staffing the counter so it moved very quickly and before we knew it we were at the counter. We got asked a very odd question at check-in which was “did we want a room with a better view of the strip, however, it could be a little noisy due to the nightclubs” alternatively we could have a room on the other side. We took the room with the view of the strip as it was on the 20th floor and I figured the noise couldn’t be that bad (more on that later). We were checked in very quickly and on our way to the room.

The room was excellent, we had booked a normal room, however, it really felt more like a suite in other hotels. The entrance way was a short hallway that led to the bathroom and had a large double cupboard.


The room then opened up to a large area that was split in two to create a separate bedroom and living area. The bedroom had a king-size bed with more storage in the vanity below the TV.



On the other side of the bedroom facing out the windows was a living area, with a large sofa and desk.


Whilst the living room didn't have a table and chairs, on the one morning that we ordered room service the room service arrived with a full sized round table for two.


The bathroom was generous, with a double vanity, spa bath and shower along with a seperate toilet.



What also impressed me about the room was the use of technology. There was a master control panel at the entrance way that allowed you to control all the lights as well as the DND and Service lights and this control was also replicated on a touch panel beside the bed.




On top of this, there were some nice features such as night lights that you could turn on from either the control panels or individual switches that provided a subtle glow in both the bathroom and bedroom area at night if you need to get up and use the bathroom.


Overall the service was great, I find it is the small things in a hotel that make a difference. For example one night I rang house keeping to see if they had a razor, they offered to send one right up to my room. Within less than 10 minutes the razor had arrived, now what impressed me was that about 5 minutes about that, so 15 minutes since I made the call, I received a phone call in the room from house keeping making sure that my razor had arrived. This was a simple gesture, but it impressed me as things often can go missing. I have certainly been in other hotels and rung up for something and then had to ring back 20mins later enquiring where it was.


I really enjoyed staying at the Encore, the only slight negative to the hotel was the crazy bass that managed to radiate even the 20th floor from the night club! Whilst it didn't really bother us too much, I can imagine if you were a light sleeper it would be very annoying. If I return to Las Vegas I would certainly stay here again.