Virgin Australia Have Announced Full WiFi Rollout

Virgin Australia Have Announced Full WiFi Rollout

Both Qantas and Virgin have been trailing WiFi on a small number of domestic planes for almost 6 months now. I was fortunate enough to get to try out Virgin's wifi service on a domestic flight from Brisbane to Syndey and was very impressed with the speed and useability.

Well, today Virgin have announced that they plan to roll WiFi out to the majority of its domestic and international aircraft, becoming the only Australian airline to offer wi-fi internationally. This is fantastic news and a great step forward for an Australian carrier.

Per Virgin's press release, the airline is now rolling out inflight wi-fi to the remaining Boeing 737 aircraft, with Boeing 777 aircraft to commence in October. By the end of 2018, Virgin Australia expects to have inflight wi-fi on all Boeing 777 aircraft and the majority of Boeing 737 aircraft, with the Airbus A330 aircraft due for completion by the second half of 2019.

They have decided to continue the partnership with Gogo which was the carrier of choice for the pilot earlier this year. “We’ve chosen to partner with leading inflight connectivity provider Gogo, who deliver inflight wi-fi to airlines around the world including Delta Air Lines, Virgin Atlantic, and British Airways. Through our partnership with Gogo and Optus Satellite, we will have access to the largest fleet of satellites servicing Australia and New Zealand, providing our guests with a fast and reliable wi-fi experience on board,” Mr Borghetti said.

What is also great news is that Virgin has confirmed that a basic level of WiFi will be free to all passengers on both domestic and international services.