Comparison: Singapore Airlines Suite Class vs. Thai Airways First Class

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Comparison: Singapore Airlines Suite Class vs. Thai Airways First Class

So as promised I thought I would summarise my overall feelings in relation to SQ R and TG F.

If I was to put the flights in order of overall experience it would look like this.

FRA-BKK on TG A380 F
BKK-SYD on TG 747 F

Interestingly, Mrs Bwhouse had a different order and the middle two were swapped around because she much preferred the bed in SQ Suites. There is no denying that the SQ Suites hard product is significantly better than any of the TG hard products.

What really got me was how patchy the service was on SQ, as mentioned in earlier posts the experience on the Syd-Sin was really pretty average and both of the TG flights had significantly better service than that first SQ flight. To be honest, the only reason I wouldn't rank that flight last, is that the hard product on the TG 747 is just too dated and old. If we had gotten the newer 747 config I suspect I would have ranked that flight higher than the first SQ leg.

No admittedly I have flown on a grand total of 2 SQ legs in F/R so maybe I was just unlucky but from what I have read service is known to be patchy. I was honestly surprised how much of a difference it made when the service was amazing. In comparison, I have now flown 4 legs in TG F counting the two flights on this trip and every single one of them has had an attentive crew that provided fantastic service.

Now putting all of that aside, I am nitpicking here. Every single one of the flights was excellent and I would happily take any of them again

Stay tuned in a few months time as we are taking a quick trip to the US and I somehow convinced Mrs Bwhouse that the only reasonable way to get to San Francisco was to take EY Apartments SYD-AUH-JFK and then jump on a trans-con flight (not sure what yet) to SFO. I can’t wait to experience EY so the countdown begins.