WOOT!! - Etihad Lift US Portable Electronics Ban

WOOT!! - Etihad Lift US Portable Electronics Ban

Last Friday I wrote about the new regulations the US Department of Homeland Security are putting in place for all airports that have flights that are US bound.

The announcement talked about the new measures as being a way to halt the further rollout of the Portable Electronics Ban. It suggested that if the airports currently affected by the ban where to put in place the changes and have then signed off by the TSA then they would be able to remove the ban on Portable Electronic Devices.

Well Etihad is the first to do this. It is not clear if the Abu Dhabi US Preclearance facility had anything to do with them lifting the change so quickly. But either way I am excited, I will be flying Etihad to the US in 3 weeks and I wasn’t looking forward to having to check my laptop and camera for the journey.


**Update: **Etihad have now updated their website (previously the news was just on twitter), interestingly they promote it under the US pre-clearance banner.