Apologies to any regular readers, the blog has been down for several months now thanks to my web host going out of business and simply turning everything off :(

But even before this, there was a distinct lack of updates, and I apologise for that! When I started this blog two years ago, I started it for a few reasons; but mainly because I discovered I like to write about our travels and how we maximised miles & points.

It all started with a few trip reports on frequent flyer forums and eventually that turned into this site. It's always been a way to document the amazing places we have seen and to share some tips I have learned along the way. However, when I had some spare time, I also enjoyed writing articles about general miles & points information and news.

So why have I been so quiet lately?

Well, about 12 months ago I got a new job (I have to pay for holidays somehow) and since then I have unfortunately had very little spare time to update the blog outside of when we are on holiday. *Cue, unfinished trip report* When we got back home from our last Europe Trip I jumped straight back in to work and never actually finished writing the remainder of the trip report :(


Back in April this year we embarked on our most recent holiday, a cruise to Hawaii, which finally gave me a chance to catch up on some writing. It was fantastic! I wrote dozens of articles about points & miles as well as finishing my last trip report. Unfortunately, shortly after getting home, my web host went out of business, and I lost everything. Due to crappy timing, all I had was a backup from March. This left me missing all of the new content I had written on our cruise.

So, in short, very sorry for the lack of regular updates. Hopefully that will change as work settles down over time, but in the meantime, I still plan to write when I am travelling.

Stay tuned for more....