Qantas Epiqure Offering 20,000 Bonus Points

Qantas Epiqure Offering 20,000 Bonus Points

I have written about Qantas Epiqure a few times before, it is a great way to top up Qantas points if you are a few short for your next trip.

Epiqure often offers bonuses of up to 10,000 points per case of wine and sometimes even 15,000 points.  Well right now they have a deal that is offering 20,000 bonus points for a case of 6 2017 Heirloom Alcala McLaren Vale Grenache which is a pretty good deal.

Unfortunately, the current 20,000 bonus deal is on a fairly expensive wine at $64 per bottle, but under the right circumstances it is pretty good value.

To put it into context, a half case (6 bottles) of the Heirloom Alcala McLaren Vale Grenache will set you back $384 and you will earn 20,384 points. There are two ways to look at this:

  1. If you forget about the wine you are basically buying Qantas points at ~1.9c per point with some free wine


  1. If you value the points (like I do) at 1.3c, you are effectively getting a $264 discount on some nice wine and only paying $120 for the half case of quality red.

Qantas Epiqure is an excellent way to top up your Qantas point balance if you are in need of some quick points to get that next award flight. If you were to buy 20,000 points via the Qantas top-up method it would set you back $645, so it really is a great deal. Even the normal 10,000 point bonuses on offer are a pretty reasonable option. Especially considering the points usually post to your account in 24 hours.