Introducing the Guide Series

Introducing the Guide Series

Over the comming weeks I will be working on a series of guides, tutorials and tips to help people get started with miles & points or maximise thier use. The guides will focus mainly on miles & points from an Australian perspective.

I will aim to get a new guide out each week on Monday and these guides will form a new section of the blog for Tutorials, Tips & Tricks.

Some of the intial posts planned are:

  1. Getting started with miles and points
  2. How to find award availabiliy
  3. Using Velocity points to experience truely asperational travel in Etihad First Class apartments.
  4. Different ways to use Velocity points on Singapore Airlines
  5. How to buy miles & points from overseas frequent flyer programs in Australia
  6. Getting the most out of Lifemiles (aka the 'screenshot' method)
  7. Reselling to earn miles in Australia

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