Hello Fresh Review - Was it Worth the 16,000 Points

Hello Fresh Review - Was it Worth the 16,000 Points

I recently wrote about a promotion HelloFresh, and Qantas were running, offering 16,000 Qantas point for ordering two weeks worth of meal subscription delivery boxes.

Well despite it not being the topic of this blog, I wanted to report back on my experience and thoughts on HelloFresh. I decided to take the offer up as it was a pretty good way to earn a chunk of Qantas points and I didn't mind the idea of having some meals ready to cook on busy nights.

For those interested the 16,000 point is no longer available however there is still a 10,000 point bonus offer available if you are interested here https://wellness.qantasassure.com/partners/hellofresh

My Thoughts on HelloFresh

The ordering process is pretty simple, and each week you just select the recipes you want for the next delivery.

Our first delivery arrived, and I was impressed that each meal is individually wrapped in a paper bag than you can put straight into the fridge which is easy and convenient.




Each week has several recipe options that you can choose online up to 4 days from your delivery date. Included in the box is a large recipe card for each meal that describes the steps required to cook the meal.



So far all the recipes we have had have been fairly simple to cook and in general pretty tasty.




My original plan was to keep the meal delivery subscription for the two weeks required to earn the bonus points however we have been suitably impressed with the quality of the meals and have already received our 3rd box.